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PSA: The list of rants

If you want to find all the fantasy rants I've done, you can look in my memories or at Coyotecult's Handydandy Reference Index. If you want smaller numbers of rants at a time, I've also tagged them. (I'll be linking this post in my profile).

By Posting Date

fantasy rants: winter 2003
fantasy rants: winter 2004
fantasy rants: spring 2004
fantasy rants: summer 2004
fantasy rants: autumn 2004
fantasy rants: december 2004
fantasy rants: winter 2005
fantasy rants: spring 2005
fantasy rants: summer 2005
fantasy rants: autumn 2005
fantasy rants: december 2005
fantasy rants: 2006
fantasy rants: winter 2007
fantasy rants: spring 2007

By Topic

Specific Topics

Author's Darlings (my invented term for characters who are not Mary Sues but have many of their worst traits- including over-the-top power, being the apple of the narrative's eye and the center of the story's universe, etc.)
author-specific rants (focusing strongly on praise or criticism of one author)
character life rants (things like occupation that are not necessarily part of the foreground to the plot)
character type rants (analysis of roles- the comic relief, the assassin, the mentor, etc.)
conlangs (constructed languages)
didactic fantasy (or, as I tend to call it more sneeringly, message fantasy)
gender rants
ordinary people rants (limited characters, the opposites of Author's Darlings)
pay attention to: class
pay attention to: race
political fantasy rants
rants on angst
rants on change
rants on education
rants on nature
rants on nonhumans
rants on power dynamics
rants on romance
stupid clichés rants (according to me, of course. The first one I ever did was on destiny and prophecies, which should give you something of an idea).
subgenre rants
war rants


characterization rants: groups
characterization rants: protagonists
characterization rants: secondaries
characterization rants: villains
empathy rants (mostly on extending authorial sympathy)
plotting rants
rants on style (prose, exposition, diction, dialogue)
self-editing rants
setting rants
story structure rants (endings, beginnings, placement of various setpieces)
viewpoint rants
world-building: culture (literature and art, usually)
world-building: history
world-building: law
world-building: magic
world-building: medieval
world-building: metaphysics
world-building: politics
world-building: religion
world-building: society


everybody's different (rants where the advice is more personal)
idea rants (assemblages of "things Limyaael thinks are cool," lists of suggestions, rants that don't fit anywhere else)
the story is the story (the unity of setting, character, and plot)
themes I turn to (ideas that matter to me in an itchy personal way)

And now, it will be a much simpler process just to tag and memory them as I write them.

Looking through the older rants experience. I would no longer state some of the things I said then in the exact same way, and some rants overlap. But, in the interests of leaving in various wordings that might aid someone more than a more recent rant, I won't be revising them. According to the memories count, there are 372 of the damn things, and if I started revising them, I'd never write a new one.
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