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PSA: This journal will no longer be updated.

I'm not comfortable with LJ's customer service, and especially the way that they're handling their latest PR disaster. The part that bothers me most is near the end:

* Do you plan to change the Terms of Service to reflect this policy?

No. The Terms of Service is not a document designed to detail every specific situation. Specifically, the content covered by this policy consists of various violations of Section XVI, Part 1, or content that is unlawful, harmful, abusive, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.

So, now that they've run into a few iffy situations with obscenity, they've decided it's much "simpler" not to clarify the ToS, even though there are apparently enough important new policies to warrant this post...

My head hurts.

None of this reflects on anybody else. If you're remaining on LJ, I don't think that's a stupid thing to do. It's just not what I'm doing. I'm not comfortable with them, and I'm not comfortable generating new content for them.

I will not delete this journal (unless it becomes imperative that I do so because LJ moves even further in the direction of failing like a failing thing). I'll still check my f-list here and use it to comment. The old rants will stay here, and may be more convenient to use because the new place I've moved them to doesn't have them memoried and tagged yet. But no new posts will be made.

For the immediate future, rants will be posted here on InsaneJournal, where my journal is already duplicated. I can't currently back up to my GreatestJournal because I'm visiting home and using a computer that's not mine, so I don't want to download new programs to it, but in a week or so, this journal will also be copied there. Feel free to friend them if you'd like, though since all the rants will be public in both places (eventually), you don't need to.

I've really enjoyed my time on LiveJournal, and my friends-list and the comments on the rants have been a large part of the reason why. Farewell wherever you fare!

ETA: I've checked now, and only paid LJ users can add syndicated feeds of a journal. Since I don't want to give LJ any more of my money, this is a conflict of interest for me. If someone does want to set up an RSS feed of my InsaneJournal, that'd be great; tell me so I can point others to it!

Thanks to the brilliant and lovely tortoises and pointytilly, there is now an RSS feed of the InsaneJournal. limyaael_ij will display all future public entries, which includes all the rants. Friend it if you want the new entries to drop in on your f-list.

Natural Child of ETA: This feed displays only public entries. If you would like to read friends-locked entries, please friend me on InsaneJournal; then you can read f-locked entries on the feed, as long as I add you back. If your username is not the same as your LJ one, please comment on one of the public posts to tell me who you are.

Third Child of the Son of ETA: Comments made to the feed will not show up in my journal. I will, though, check the feed regularly so that I don't miss them.

Grandson on the Wrong Side of the Sheets of ETA: kutsuwamushi is awesome and provides a link to familiarizing yourself with RSS feeds here.

Yet Another ETA, Its Family Is Getting Tired of Reproduction: I know some people are uncomfortable with IJ's layout, so the GreatestJournal will indeed be a backup of everything, including friends-locked posts. That won't happen until next week, but I can promise it'll happen.
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