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Arin i Asolde

..Or Some Other Grand and Pretentious Title

22 November 1978
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  • limyaael@livejournal.com
PSA: This journal is no longer updated, due to my distrust of LiveJournal's arbitrary and self-contradictory postures towards user content. I've moved over to InsaneJournal and GreatestJournal under the same name. If you would like to continue to read the fantasy rants and book reviews without getting a journal there, you can add the syndication feed for the journal at limyaael_ij.

Brief Warning: This journal contains frequent adult language and sometimes discussion of sex and sexual orientation. You really shouldn't read it if you're easily offended by anything at all, and LJ suggests that I have this here just in case teenagers are reading.

Hi. I'm an English graduate student studying for my Ph.D., working with Victorian literature and ecocriticism. I also write "rants" about fantasy (some are simply essays, but they began as rants, a way of blowing off steam, and the name has stuck), along with a few book reviews. My rants, and the reviews, are all public; no need to friend me for those unless you'd like to know for sure when I post a new one. For personal reasons, I do not usually friend back; if you'd really like me to friend you, comment on the most recent public post and ask.

Rants: Here is a post listing them by their tags. They're also in my memories under "Limyaael's Fantasy Rants."

I think that's it. Farewell wherever you fare!