Tags: fantasy rants: autumn 2004


Plotting in peacetime

I was going to do a non-journey rant, and somehow it evolved into a non-war one.

Oh, well.

Big dramatic battles? Oh, sure. But what happened before and after?Collapse )

I deliberately didn’t mention romance or mystery in there, because those were the two that immediately sprang to mind. I wanted more difficult ones. There is so, so much that can be done.

Fantasy of excess: Rant on Jordan and Goodkind

Well, a lot of people seemed awfully enthusiastic for a rant about Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind.

Never let it be said that I would pass up a chance to explain, in detail, why I don’t like these authors wouldn't give people what they want.

There are tons and tons of better role models out thereCollapse )

All right, so that got rid of some of the anger.