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Espionage rant

This is the espionage rant. And most of this does assume fantasy worlds, yes, so I expect that a lot of what I’m saying wouldn’t apply in straightforward spy novels/SF.

Because, if nothing else, there are probably some technological ways to overcome the problems I’ve seenCollapse )

God, stupid spy stories annoy me.

Rant on other worlds/alternate worlds

So! Some ideas about these concepts as they apply—in fantasy, not science fiction (though, properly done, fantasy could snitch ideas about these from SF. Why not? SF has snitched plenty from fantasy.)

Onwards! Outwards! Acrosswards!Collapse )

Ooh. And now I have license to write a rant I’ve wanted to write for some time: conlangs. *slobbers, drools*

International relationships rant

Not (perhaps sadly) about what happens when people from different nations become friends or fall in love, but about relationships between countries—from war to outright dominance of one by another, and everywhere in between.

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…Well, that was depressing.